Thursday, December 18, 2008

{I know you have been waiting}

Ok, so it is not that I haven't made any jewelry lately it is that I have not had time to stop and take pictures before sealing them up and shipping them off. I did not even have the time today, my great friend Angie was kind enough to help me out, Thanks Angie...
Here is my last Christmas order to go out for the season:
{Trio Chunky $42.00, $6.00 extra to add the pearl}
The heart is my new shape, I love it and it looks adorable. I have one more design that I made that I will be posting tomorrow that I used on the heart... Adorable.
{Simply Me Monogrammed Chunky $28, $6 to add the pearl}
These "Chunky Bracelets" were a HUGE hit this season. On my last order I ordered a few extra so I do not feel so stranded next time.... I have 3 available in stock if you do not mind and after Christmas arrival.

{Simply Me Monogrammed Chunky, $28.00, $6 to add the pearl}
Single Initial Monogram

{Grammy & Me $52.00}
Such a favorite, this is the "Mommy Tag" turned "Grandma" tag necklace. I think it turned out nicely, hope you like them Angela!

{$28.00 and $6.00 to add the pearl}
This one wins for the cutest story. Earlier in the month my neighbor's son ordered a necklace for his girlfriend for her birthday, it was so cute. Well, last night when I got home I was checking the mail when the neighbors son and his buddy approached me, I was for sure they were looking for my husband to help them fix their bike or something. That was not the case, his friend wanted to order a necklace for his girlfriend for Christmas. He was so funny while he picked out the shape he wanted and decided what to put on it. It says, "Dp & PP 11.21.2008" I think this is the day they started "going out". Ahhh, sweet young love, to be this excited about making a necklace for your girlfriend is just so cute!

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