Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Joe Girl,

You are the winner of the lovely "sassy" necklace!!!!

Please e-mail me @ with your address!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
from my family to yours

Friday, December 18, 2009

Please, do tell...

What makes you feel "Sassy"?

Do you take a yoga class?

Do you wear your favorite jeans?

Do you flirt with your man?

Do you wear your favorite pair of heals?

Tell me here by leaving a comment and you could win this "Sassy" necklace. I wear mine when I need to remember to sass- it-up!
*** Don't have a blog account? No worries, just leave an anonymous comment with your name and e-mail so I can contact you if you are the winner!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Orders

Christmas orders came rushing in like a flood... I am still even taking some local orders because I still have some supplies to use. When the supplies run out, I will not take any more orders.

Live Laugh Love
* This necklace can be personalized, please email me if you are interested in yours saying something other than "live laugh love". Maybe your kids names; Macy, Anna & Claire...
*Need more than 3 tags? Add $4 for each additional tag.
16" Cotton cord with rectangle tag. Fits up to 4 names. I alternated 2 different fonts on this tag and I think it gave it a nice touch.
*want yours on a bead ball chain? Add $8.00.

This one was for a neighbor from my old neighborhood. I literally met her right before we moved- BUMMER. I know we could have been great friends.
Anyways, this is a Christmas present for her sister and it says " I love you" in French. Such a sweet gift... 1" tag on and 18" necklace.
*want the pearl on yours? Add $4.00 for a hand wrapped fresh water pearl.

3/4" disc on and 18" bead ball chain.
*want a hand wrapped pearl on yours? Add $4.00.

I love these names, so cute... I also used my lower case font on this one. It is cute and fun, but only lower case. *if you are interested in this font, you have to tell me at time of purchase.
$32.00 includes 1" sterling silver disc and sterling chain.
*Like the pearl? Add $4.00 for a hand wrapped fresh water pearl.

Includes up to 4 personalized tags strung on a sterling silver bead ball chain with a fresh water pearl included. Need more than 4 tags? Add $6 for each tag


What a great stocking stuffer... They come in brown and black.

"I love you to the moon."

*want to add a pearl? Add $4.

I wear mine on the days that I feel "sassy."
Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to feel sassy and you could win one just like this...

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I feel like it has been forever since I have posted new jewelry.
These are some of my recent favorites.

I am still not sure what I will name this necklace, but the disc is not stamped (it could be) and it is domed. My necklace has 2 hand-wrapped pearls hanging in the middle (one for each of my kiddos.) I can put up to 3 pearls in a necklace.

The monogram is a personal favorite. I put this one on here because it has a copper colored pearl.

These bracelets are a great gift. Only $10.00 a piece.

The new font is so adorable. It is currently only available in lower case. This necklace starts out at $28.00 for the chain and 1/2 " disc. Each disc added is $8.00 a piece and the pearls are $4.00 a piece. You can add as many charms as you would like.

And, just because he is so stinking cute, I thought I would leave you with this... Yes, he is peeing in the lake.
We are taking a break this week.
I am still reachable by email, but I will not be able to start on orders until I get home on Wednesday.

Friday, June 26, 2009

{Full Set}


**If you are interested in more than one set (ex. bridal party jewelry) please email me and I will give you an adjusted price for buying in bulk... Have a Happy Day!

Kiki and Lele Boutique Hand-crafted Jewelry

Thursday, June 25, 2009

{Holy Moly}

{These are one pair of seven that I have recently made for a group of bridesmaids. }
{One large hand-wrapped fresh water pearl, one small hand wrapped fresh water pearl & one small clear crystal bead hung on hypo-allergenic hooks. }
*all beads and pearl are hand wrapped with sterling silver wire.*
{Free Shipping on these ear rings only...}

I have been gone for quite some time... I have been taking a break from this blog. I am however still blogging HERE if you want to take a peek into what I have been doing... I am still doing custom orders, so you can e-mail me @ if you have a request for something special...

I am 29 weeks and almost at the end. My family & pregnancy have taken first place before the business lately. I have put a halt on all scheduled events for the summer. I really have missed participating in all of our local craft fairs, but I am sure I can pick up where I left off next spring. Actually, after the baby is born, I plan on spending a lot more time on growing my small business. I hope all of my sweet customers stay around to see just where I am headed with all of the new products I will be adding next spring... I have some FUN surprises....!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mothers Day Orders Part I

These are some sneak peaks/ pictures that I wanted to post for some of the orders I have completed... Some of the gifts will not be seen by the giver before the "getter" receives their jewelry! So here you are! Sorry for the low quality pictures, the weather here has been yucky and this is really the best I could get. My normal background needs to be ironed, my assistant/ 2 year old made a mess of it...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



I decided to choose a random winner also from comments on my blog yesterday...

Well, it turned out not to be so random...

I had one commenter who I think really needs some love...

Not that we all do not need love, but she "needs it".

Go HERE to read her story...

Please email me at to let me know which one necklace you would like to have... Also include your mailing address.. I will be praying for you.

Many Blessings-
Leslee {Lele}

In short, Jen lost her husband unexpectedly at the age of 31 and then a few weeks later she mis-carried their first child... Please pray for peace in her heart as she has been on a sad journey...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{New Fun Stuff}

This one is an example that is going to go in a local shop to show our larger font as well as the new Dog Tag key chain... An affordable gift that anyone would like...

I really like how this turned out...
What do you think...
If you placed an order in the past 2 weeks, it will be going out tomorrow... So, you can quit stalking your mail man...

Head on over to Angie's Circus and see what everyone else has to share on this lovely Wednesday...

{love at first sight}


This is the new font that I got in... I just love it to pieces... If you place an order, please include in the e-mail that you would like the new lower case font.

This bracelet was a gift for a Mom-to-be, it has her husbands and sons names on it... They are the two most important people in her life...

Don't forget Mother's day is coming up... I have some exciting stuff in store for you... Stay tuned.


Hello Ladies...

I hope you all are well this FINE spring morning...

Please look around- be nosy, I don't mind!

Over to your {right} you will find 3 links to all of the collections I have....

I specialize in custom made jewelry that is hand-stamped.

I also dabble in some other areas such as hair bows and clippies...

Good luck in the give away and happy SHOPPING...

Stay true to your SITSta-hood and leave me a comment, I would love to know more about you!!! "The secret to success is support!" SITStas

Monday, March 9, 2009


I am floored.... Not flattered, just floored.... My old business partner and I spent hours back and forth with our designer to come up with our cute little logo... I cannot imagine that someone would have the very same idea in their head as the 3 of us did... Amazing, HUH?

The Copy Cat...

The Original Birdies... That were copied...

Kiki and Lele Boutique Hand-crafted Jewelry

The original branch, that was copied...

This is where she got the birds from... The nest and branch are from my design and the birdies are stolen from this lady... This lady has also had the pleasure of having some of her painting designs ripped off as well...

Not sure what to do. I have contacted the designer to see what she thinks... There is most likely nothing that I can do. Unfortunately, this is not the only design that this person has copied... The lady that tipped me off had had several of her designs copied {ripped- off} by this lady... I am just thankful that it was not the jewelry designs that I work hard on that she copied...

Any Advice?

Friday, March 6, 2009


I love me some SITS gals... You all are so wonderful!

Please take a look around as I will be participating in SPRING FLING!

I hope to see you all back HERE during spring fling!

My collections are all listed on the side bar- enjoy!

Here are just a few of my favorites... There is so much more to see- so please be NOSY!

Friday, February 27, 2009


{Hello Kitty Small $5.00}
*small french clip
{Felt flowers $6.00 for the pair}
*small alligator clips

{Flower clippie $6.00 for a pair}
*bendie clips

{flower clippies $6 for the pair}
*alligator clips

{Hello Kitty Big $7.00}

I got the urge to make more bows yesterday! I am still thinking that this new baby might just be a girl... If not, I have a new niece coming in May and I am sure she will love some new bows.

*all clips are interchangeable, please ask when you place your order!

{New Lovlies}

Sorry about the yucky picture... The weather here has been less than stellar... This adorable necklace is for an expecting Mommy... They are the initials of her new sweet bundle of joy, that just so happens to be a boy!
This one is for a birthday present for someones niece. She has been studying German and her aunt thought this would be the perfect gift.... I do believe she is right! I must give props to my previous business partner, Kacey for this design- I do not know much about German... Kacey lived in Germany for a few years...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heres The Deal Y'all

OK, so I am going to spill the beans.... I outed myself on my personal blog, so if you do not read it, I will go ahead and tell all of my lovely readers...

I am pregnant and due in September...

One BIG fact about the pregnancy is that I am VERY sick, like the most sick I have ever been in my life... So sick that I just spent 3 days in the hospital. So sick that I am now on 3 medications to deal with the sickness...

I am so thankful though, because it means that my sweet babe is growing strong and doing well. While I was in the hospital both Curt and I got to see the baby. It was so amazing, sweet little arms and legs moving about and waving at us. Looking just like a sweet little butter bean. I am however, calling IT a Jelly bean now that I think it is a girl. I was sick with Mason, but not like this, not this bad... Plus the heart rate is a hearty 175-180 beats per minute... That is fast and "normally" fast means a GIRL. So I am crossing my fingers. Because after this we are done with babies, I know I could not go through this another time...

I have been told 2 different due dates, the first September 11, and the second September 17... I have also been told that some super cool dates around this time to have a baby are September 7, September 9 (9/9/09) and September 16... So for those of you holding out for a Birthday present form our sweet little bundle of joy, hold your breath- ya never know...

So, now y'all know the reason for my splotchy posting and hardly ever even getting my work up here. Let me tell you I am doing good just to get the work out to the customers... But do not let this deter you from making an order, I promise, I need the orders, I am after all going to have a family of 4 now...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


I you still have not entered in the GIVE-A-WAY over at Jamie's Pea's- YOU STILL HAVE SOME TIME!

Go over to her blog, check it out and enter... There is also a chance for extra entries...

If you did not know, I mainly make jewelry and hair bows... But I am always dabbling in other crafts as well...

Please look to the side bar for all 3 of Kiki & Lele collections....

Leave me a comment- I {heart} comments!

BIG NEWS--------


Kiki & Lele is getting a name change and a make over....

The site desperately needs it...

The name desperately needs it....

Not that I do not like the name, but there is only me now....

And I am always getting called Kiki...

So, over the next few months look for changes and new things to come...

Hopefully a new name that is clever and everyone likes and I will not get tired of it....

Also, I will have a REAL website up and running by October or November. I am in the beginning stages right now and I will still keep the blog... Purchasing will be a TON easier and that makes me ExCiTeD! How about you??? Are you excited????

I thought so!

If you have any suggestions on a new name- I am all ears!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello, It's me... I know, I know... It has been forever since I have posted... I am a super slacker and have seriously been putting the little blog on the back burner... I have had some great orders lately, but I have slacked in taking pictures of them before I shipped them out. So, I thought I would remind you of some of my favorites....
Double strand.... Perfect for V-Day!!! You can display the initials of the ones you {love} the most.... {$40.00}

Family Tree.... Another perfect example of a GREAT V-Day gift... Great for Grandparents and Mommies.... {$42}

I love these bracelets... It is so FUN to display the names of the ones you love... This is the most popular style of bracelet that K&L offers... There were 15 purchased over the Christmas holiday!!! They are super durable and fun to wear... {$46} The price of the charm bracelet varies by how many charms you have on it. This particular on is $46 because of the amount of charms... Let me know if you need a price for a different amount of charms...

If you are coming from Jamie's Precious Pea's, WELCOME and please feel free to look around.... There are some links on the side bar of the collections I offer. Also, feel free to check out the ETSY shop!

NEWS FLASH: We have lower case stamps.... They are absolutely ADORABLE! Please let me know when you order if you want you order in lower case or in upper case...

Also, I really love comments. Let me know what your favorite piece is.... I hope you all enjoy the give-a-way that Jamie is having of Kiki & Lele Jewelry... I cannot wait to see who wins... Tell your friends...