Thursday, July 31, 2008

As Promised...Kacey's Work Space

This is where the *MAGIC* happens...As I said in my previous post, Leslee & I have been working on organizing our work spaces. Now, I'm finally done! Whew! Here are a few pictures to share with you. I took my space and just surrounded myself with all of the necessities, including the things I need to be inspired. Photos of my family, the mannequin draped in jewelry given to me by my best friend and another special piece that my MIL gave me that was her Mother's. I also have a small vintage iron on my desk. It's {colorful} and my Mother has these types of small irons that were my Grandfather's. It reminds me to always do the best job possible.
The peg board is a result of my handy man husband. It houses all of my tools and supplies. What a dream come true that is! I knew I wanted pegboard there but I got the great idea to frame it from Leslee. Wait until you see her cute space!
I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek into my little space. I really enjoy creating and designing fun pieces to share with you. It's a pure joy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Words to live by {according to us}

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." Coco Chanel

"Well behaved women rarely make history."

"I could give up drinking coffee, but I am no quitter." author unknown

"Fashion is not something that exists in dress only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." Coco Chanel

What are your favorite quotes? Who are those that inspire you day to day? We would love to know.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy Birds in Our Nests

We have been Busy Birds around here! Family visits, work, designing new pieces - Oooh we're so close to introducing them to you! We have some new inspirational phrases with fun textures, new bracelets...we're just waiting on a few things to make our finishing touches. We really can't wait to show them off to you but you kow we have to have them just right!

While we have the new designs under wraps, we also have our husbands working on our "Honey Do" lists which involves customizing our individual work spaces. I am so excited about this! I hope to have my work space finished by tomorrow so I promise to take pictures and show you where all the {magic} happens! I've also been organizing the rest of the house - my kitchen cupboards, my closet (oi vey!)...I'm doing a little at a time. I thought I would share one of my "have to have" items to stay organized. It's the MomAgenda. They are great for all sorts of planning and they have a ton of space for party planning, gift ideas, fashion. I love it! And don't worry, if you're not a Mama, they have fabulous agendas in general with all of the same great stuff minus all of the lists for the kiddos. Check them out when you get a chance & remember the section for gift ideas so you can write down your favorite Kiki & Lele items!

Leslee & I are fighting over who gets the Leopard print this year....I'm sure we will both end up with it.

You know I love lists! LoVe these great ones also by MomAgenda. I found these at See Jane Work; another great place to organize your life.

I NEED this one!

Mama Bird.

Absolutely in love with this nestie necklace... Adorable and comfortable. This necklace can be adorned with as many pearls as you would like. The pearls are hand-wrapped onto the necklace to give it a nestie feel. Strung on cotton cord, it has great durability!
So, Mama bird, how many eggs are in your nest?

Necklace $22
Bracelet $14
.: Lele :.

Friday, July 25, 2008

And the Winner of Our Charmed, I'm Sure Giveaway Week Is...

Drum roll please.....Lillyella who said:

"Hello there! I saw your awesome feature on Brittany's blog and your Etsy shop is great! The cuff bracelet is my fave for sure... Keep up the good work, ladies :)"

Woohoo! Thanks for entering our giveaway everyone! And congratulations to Lillyella! Be sure to contact the fabulous Brittany Iverson over at Charmed, I'm Sure to claim your prize! We can't wait to work on this for you.

And to everyone else who commented...Thank you for all of your kind words and support. We hope to keep bringing you pieces that you {love}. Hope to hear from you soon. Remember to take advantage of our sale. The sale of up to 15% off will run through Sunday!

Kiki out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

For the love of *PiNk*

We love this necklace... It is fun and funky and just the right amount of {charmies}... Just perfect for the {Charmed, I'm Sure} week-long give-a-way. PERFECT! This one is included in the contest, so do not forget to hop on over to--- Charmed, I'm Sure for the details...

18" sterling ball chain

Sterling hand-wrapped charms...

1 Large Quartz

2 small Rose Quartz

1 Pink Pearl

1 Milk Glass

"Pink Love" = $32.00

* You must hurry on this little gem, supplies are VERY limited!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mission Impossible....

Cue the music...da da da danana...

Attention Kacey: Today, it is your MISSION to meet with a {very important} client to work on two personalized design ideas for gift giving. To do this, you must get the three trouble makers below dressed, fed and to all nap at the same time by 10:30am. This is your mission. Good Luck & God Speed.

Name: Ryder Criminal Record: Chocolate Milk Addict Note: Suspect should be handled wih care & allowed to feed his "baby flowers" before being eased in to nap time.

Name: Lincoln Criminal Record: History of escaping capture. Note: Needs good snuggles, rattle & blankie to nap

Name: Ruby Jane Criminal Record: Emotional distress when not attached to Mommy Note: Don't let that sweet face fool you, she has a set of lungs and she's not afraid to use them.

This is where everything begins....

So this was my mission this morning. And oooh I soooo should have been a Bond Girl. With my sketch book and pearls {for inspiration} in hand I set out to accomplish this task in between diaper changes, feedings, and the frequent squeals of my little Ruby Jane. The results? Mission accomplished! Most importantly, happy kiddos, happy client, and happy Mommy/Business Owner/Designer. Yippee!

I love setting a goal and getting everything done. I really love making lists and especially checking things OFF of the list. Leslee knows this little morsel of info about me a little too well. Ha!

Leslee and I are busy working with our new shapes and coming up with even more fun designs & textures. Remember to keep checking back. And be sure to go over to Charmed, I'm Sure and enter our giveaway! Brittany Iverson is such a doll and her blog is a daily reader!

And by the way... ALL of our clients are {very important} but I thought it added the right dash of drama to my opener....Maybe I've had too much coffee today. Hmmmm.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're Charmed *Giveaway Week*

This week we are proud to debut our "Charmed Necklace" & to announce our {Giveaway Week} with Charmed, I'm Sure. Brittany Iverson, author of Charmed, I'm Sure is a fab girl who brings juicy eye candy in to our lives every day with each post. What did we ever do without her? She writes about things that are beautiful, inspiring, and needless to say interesting. This week Kiki & Lele has the pleasure of being one of her topics of discussion! We are so happy to be working with her this week to give one lucky winner free range of our blog & Etsy shop! If you win this giveaway you can choose any one piece that tugs at your heart strings! Woohoo! How do you enter? Well, visit Charmed, I'm sure for all of the details...but I'll give you a can leave a comment here on this post for a double entry! And since we want everyone to feel like a winner...we're offering 10% off towards any purchase. Too much you say? Naa...add our pretty little birdy button to your blog and you'll receive an additional 5% off towards your purchase. Email us if you have any problems retrieving the HTML code and we'll be happy to send it to you!

Now for our new little lovely debut...

The Charmed Necklace $40
This piece features three hand stamped sterling silver tags in three different shapes - teardrop, circle & heart. {Just a reminder} All of our chains and components are sterling silver unless noted. We created this piece for one of our closest friends and stamped things that are special to her & her family. Remember, we can recreate this piece or personalize it to fit your needs. We love special orders and are always ready to help you create a special design all your own! We hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sometimes we get crafty....

Nice to have a change sometimes.... We really love this storage bin, maybe we will make some more sometime. Very fun and easy to make. Let us know if you are interested, maybe we can crank one out for you too... Hope you like...

Back soon with more jewelry.

Kiki & Lele

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ssshhhhh....A Little Birdy Told Me...

a giveaway is in the air! Stay tuned in for details!

.:Kiki & Lele:.

New Lovlies...

I'm baaack! The beach with the family was FaBuLoUs. We really enjoyed our time together while Leslee held down the fort here. Thanks girlfriend - you RoCk! While I was away I had these little gems held hostage on my computer. Long story...but now I'm back in action and we wanted to show them off! That last little beauty? Well...he's not for sale, but I couldn't resist showing my little beach bum off. More pictures to come of the kiddos. We had a blast & can't wait to share some pictures with you!

What's In a Name - Oval $28

You & Me Monogram $28

Initial Me with Rose Quartz $22

Ryder showing off his beach treasure!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Kacey and I have been a bit absent on the blog in the past week or so, but it is not because we are slacking... We have been BUSY since Moon Pie and are still trying to get out all of the lingering orders from the festival... Whew! BUSY! Currently we are working on getting some new pieces finished and posted for you all to see.

Also, keep your eye out for some super JUICY give-a-ways in the near future.... You might just win that piece you have been eying, or you could score a great discount.... Ya never know!!
Also, if you stop by, would you mind leaving a comment. We just want to know who you are....
p.s- my partner in crime {kiki} is in Florida.... Hummmm, she definitely deserves a vacation, no doubt...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mom Loves Me Best

Doesn't this make you laugh? Ha! We created this piece for a wonderful Kiki & Lele customer. She is a mother of two and it's a running joke between her two children - who Mom loves best. We thought it was a fabulous idea and were so happy to put this piece together for her. We created two of them, one for each of her children. I think they will love it!

We wanted to share it with the rest of you because its a great piece that just makes us smile. It is also a great example of how we can aLtErNaTe letter sizes and remind you that we can stamp anything you like on one of our sterling silver discs. Our only limitation is the size of the disc you choose! Have a wonderful day!