Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mission Impossible....

Cue the music...da da da danana...

Attention Kacey: Today, it is your MISSION to meet with a {very important} client to work on two personalized design ideas for gift giving. To do this, you must get the three trouble makers below dressed, fed and to all nap at the same time by 10:30am. This is your mission. Good Luck & God Speed.

Name: Ryder Criminal Record: Chocolate Milk Addict Note: Suspect should be handled wih care & allowed to feed his "baby flowers" before being eased in to nap time.

Name: Lincoln Criminal Record: History of escaping capture. Note: Needs good snuggles, rattle & blankie to nap

Name: Ruby Jane Criminal Record: Emotional distress when not attached to Mommy Note: Don't let that sweet face fool you, she has a set of lungs and she's not afraid to use them.

This is where everything begins....

So this was my mission this morning. And oooh I soooo should have been a Bond Girl. With my sketch book and pearls {for inspiration} in hand I set out to accomplish this task in between diaper changes, feedings, and the frequent squeals of my little Ruby Jane. The results? Mission accomplished! Most importantly, happy kiddos, happy client, and happy Mommy/Business Owner/Designer. Yippee!

I love setting a goal and getting everything done. I really love making lists and especially checking things OFF of the list. Leslee knows this little morsel of info about me a little too well. Ha!

Leslee and I are busy working with our new shapes and coming up with even more fun designs & textures. Remember to keep checking back. And be sure to go over to Charmed, I'm Sure and enter our giveaway! Brittany Iverson is such a doll and her blog is a daily reader!

And by the way... ALL of our clients are {very important} but I thought it added the right dash of drama to my opener....Maybe I've had too much coffee today. Hmmmm.

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serra said...

haha- Saw your comment on my blog and had to come check you out. I love the pictures of the kids and their criminal record. Very clever! I love your shop by the way. You make cool things!