Monday, April 28, 2008

Giveaway Week & New Pieces!

Now is there any better way to start off a Monday than with a giveaway and new pieces? Here at Kiki & Lele we don't think so! We're pretty excited to present to you our new cuff bracelet and a sweet little necklace that we're just in love with & matching earrings.

As for our giveaway you ask? Well, head over to A Few of My Favorite Things. The giveaway will begin tomorrow and run through Thursday. A winner will be announced on Friday! Check out Molly's blog for exact instructions tomorrow. She has a great blog that you will definitely want to save to your Favorites. Molly always has fab stuff to write about and awesome company spotlights...hello? We're on there! ;p) Ha! Ha!

We hope you enjoy these pieces and it helps you get your week started off right. Remember Mother's Day is right around the corner and you still have time to place an order to have it arrive on time! Our 15% off sale will run through May 11th. Once you place your order, we will invoice you for 15% less than the list price. Happy Monday & Happy Shopping!

Sterling Silver handmade cuff bracelet with freshwater pearls. Need to make a statement? Well you can with this bracelet. We can fit several characters on this great piece. Have a favorite saying, quote or verse? Want to put all of your kiddo's names? How about a little daily love note to your girlfriend or wife? The options are endless and we would love to work with you to create a piece that is special to your heart. $62
Two handwrapped charcoal freshwater pearls adorn the cuff bracelet. You will have your choice of color when ordering: cream, pink, or charcoal.

A Sweet Little Coffee necklace. This necklace is gorgeous in person. It catches the light beautifully because it hangs from a sterling silver 18" box chain which is the perfect way to show off these faceted beads in a coffee color. Perfect to add a little sparkle to any outfit! We all love a little sparkle don't we? $20

Faceted Coffee beads close-up

Coffee earrings add just the right touch worn alone or paired with our necklace! $10

Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Reasons Why....

you should buy a jewelry piece from Kiki & Lele.
  1. Our pieces make great gifts, they are personalized and what better gift to give than something you created yourself.
  2. Our pieces make a great gift to self.
  3. Each piece can be worn with almost anything. Dressed up or dressed down, great for any occasion.
  4. They are hand made, not manufactured in a factory, not mass produced. Made to order and specifically personalized to meet your wants and needs.
  5. Lastly, each piece we make is beautiful. We only make pieces that reflect what we would personally wear. We love each piece we make and that love shows in the quality of our jewelry.

Kiki & Lele

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Items!

Ooooh! Don't you just LOVE new stuff? We do too! Especially when it's just in time for Mother's Day! We've created three new bracelets for your viewing pleasure in addition to two new necklaces. So, feel free to drop little hints to your honey for the piece you like best, or even just buy yourself a little treat. Either way, new things that make you feel pretty are always a good thing....We hope you enjoy!

Sterling silver chunky chain adorned with 3 freshwater pearls that are hand wrapped with sterling silver wire. You have a choice of color with your freshwater pearls. Maybe do one in each color to represent something or someone special in your life, or do all of the same color to make a statement. Either way, the choice is yours and this bracelet is super sweet! $28

Close-up of hand wrapped freshwater pearls

Our new favorite! Oh we love, love, love this piece! Not that we're bragging or anything, but this bracelet it pretty close to perfection. ;p) We love the oval tag. It is the perfect size for the sterling silver chunky bracelet. The pink hand wrapped freshwater pearl sets everything in balance and compliments the "Auntie" tag very well. Remember, we can personalize everything to your specifications. We can fit any name or word up to six characters long on the oval tag. $28

The Rollo sterling silver bracelet is just too cute! It is great to wear alone or works well as a layering piece. We've adorned this bracelet with a pea sized initial tag with polka dots in addition to a charcoal freshwater pearl. $24

What a great way to make a family statement! This one inch sterling silver tag is hand stamped with your family name (up to 8 characters), and adorned with polka dots and 3 sets of family initials. The tag is strung through an 18" sterling silver ball chain. $32

We love to layer, and this necklace is a good example of delicate layering. It is a really dainty double strand necklace that features a beautiful filigree clasp. We've adorned the top sterling silver tag with a heart and added three initial tags on the second layer. The first layer measures approx. 15 inches and hits right at your collar bone, and the 2nd layer is approx 16 inches. If you would prefer different lengths, just let us know when you place your order. We'd be happy to accommodate any other lengths. $40

Double strand Initial Necklace close up

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Leslee's Favorite Thing's List

I thought that I would share some of my favorite things... Here goes...

MY FAVORITE THINGS around the house
My favorite thing in the kitchen is... Clorox wipes... not sure what i would do with out them... with mason always making a terrible mess, they are right there for me...
My favorite thing in the bathroom is... the bath tub... it is rather large... now that i think about it, it might be nice if i still ever got to enjoy. it currently is full of bath time toys... mason has taken over...
My favorite thing in the bedroom is... our snugly bed... it sure is nice to crawl in and snuggle up... and, yes, Amanda, sleep is awesome and it is a favorite thing.
My favorite thing in the bedroom closet is... nothing... i need (want) new cloths, and I have the smaller of the two closets... nice huh? the good part is that it is in the bathroom, so i do not have to run all around trying to get dressed... that is about all though...
My favorite thing in the living room is... my new shelves. i do have to finish decorating them... one thing at a time...
My favorite thing in the pantry is... chi's, chi's... that is mason for anything sweet. always good in a bind, like when i have to make a phone call or unload the dish washer... it keeps him occupies. currently he is in love with raisins... i can never tell him they are not made with sugar, he will definitely boy cot for sure...
My favorite thing in the "office" is... well, the office has turned into the play room... so i guess mason's toys. he has just started really enjoying playing in there...
My real office is the dining room. that is where i normally work on jewelry and get "kiki & lele" stuff done... (yes, i had to make a stab for the business....)
My favorite thing in the baby's room is... mason's rocking chair. it is priceless. i have rocked a sick, sleepy, snugly, mad, happy little man in that chair for countless man hours... i will keep that chair until, well, i will never get rid of it, i swear. i have some really great memories from that rocker. did i mention, i have been puked on it that chair....

Friday, April 11, 2008


Now who doesn't love a SALE?! I know we do! And we all know Mother's Day is right around the corner - May 11th to be exact - and we all have to get a present for someone right? Well, we thought it would be a little more fun if we gave everyone 15% OFF! SO browse around, find something you like and when you email us your order, we'll take 15% OFF of the price listed. This sale will be valid until May 11th for all of those procrastinators out there - you know who you are! ;p) Keep in mind that we can personalize and handstamp anything you would like on a piece. For example, if you like the Original Mommy Necklace, but need something for Grandma - no problem! We'll just stamp "Grandma" in place of "Mommy." It's that simple! If you don't quite see what you're looking for, email us, and we'll see if we can work together to create a custom piece for you. Now wouldn't that be special?! We'd love to do it. Contact us!

Keep a look out for our new pieces dedicated to family which will be posted this weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Been a Fun Two Weeks!

Leslee & Kacey

Leslee and I have had a fun two weeks! The last two weekends in a row we've had events to participate in as Vendors and we have had a blast! We've met a lot of really nice people and really enjoyed creating new pieces. This weekend we even had a birthday party to go to! Woohoo! Of course, it was for our friend Michelle's son Ben who turned three, but all of the little kids and big kids (us and our husband's) had a ball. We hope you all had a great weekend too. We have new pieces to add this week that we can't wait to show you. Just making the finishing between nap time. Ha! Ha!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fun New Designs for Mom & Sister!

Our new Mommy Design! Leslee & I were invited to participate in a local event being held by the Parents of Multiples Club last weekend. We were so excited to be a Vendor at their event and met so many nice ladies! One of them was the inspiration for this necklace. She loved our Original Mommy necklace, but she had FOUR sets of initials to we came up with this design for her on the spot! It was so much fun we had to share it with you. This necklace can fit up to 4 sets of initials on the sterling silver one inch tag, but it also looks fabulous with 2 or 3 sets of initials. Both sterling silver handstamped tags are strung through an 18" sterling silver ball chain. Remember - if you want to come up with your own design, we'd be happy to create something special for you or for someone as a gift! $52

Taken from our Mother Roles necklace, we created this piece for the special sisters in our lives. This one inch sterling silver tag is handstamped and strung through an 18" sterling silver ball chain in addition to a cream freshwater pearl. $36

{The handwrapped freshwater pearls can be in your choice of cream, pale pink, or charcoal!}