Friday, March 28, 2008

More New Hand Stamped Designs!

Being a Mother is certainly at the top of our list as our favorite roles, however, there are a lot of different aspects to us. We're daughters, sisters, friends, all of which make up the individual that we are. In the end, it's each of these roles that contributes to the fantastic women that we are! This hand stamped one inch sterling silver tag is strung through an 18" ball chain along with a hand wrapped pale pink freshwater pearl. $42

Doesn't love transcend all barriers...and languages? We think so and proudly handstamped LOVE in English, Italian, and German. This one inch sterling silver tag and hand wrapped pink freshwater pearl is then attached to chunky fashion chain. It's Spring...LOVE is in the air...$36

A miracle, a blessing, definitely a gift. We're thankful every day for all of the little ones in our life. We think this would be great for a Mommy or a Mommy to be! This one inch sterling silver tag is hand stamped and strung through an 18" ball chain with a hand wrapped cream freshwater pearl. $36

At first it's Mama, the sweetest sound you've ever heard...then Mommy, and as they grow your name changes...Mother, Mom...But no matter the name of the moment, it is a role that you will cherish forever at every stage of motherhood. This one inch sterling silver tag is hand stamped and strung through an 18" sterling silver ball chain. In addition to the tag, a pale pink freshwater pearl is hand wrapped with sterling silver wire that hangs over the tag. $36

**{Every purchase is hand made to order so slight variations may occur while maintaining the overall integrity of the design.}**

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Hand Stamped Designs!

Inspiration for this necklace was for all of those who dare to believe...dream...create. A one inch sterling silver tag is strung through an 18" sterling silver ball chain with charcoal glass bead $32 inch sterling silver tag with sterling silver cross pendant $36

More hand stamped designs coming VERY soon! XOXO

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mommy Necklace with Ball Chain

The Original Mommy Necklace strung on 18" Sterling Silver Ball Chain. One inch sterling silver tag features the word "Mommy" adorned with polka dots. The smaller 3/4 inch tag features the initials for up to three children. $52

Spring is here! Which also means Mother's Day is approaching fast! We have some new Mommy designs in the works and we can't wait to present them to you. Until then, we thought we would re-list our original Mommy Necklace strung with the ball chain in lieu of the chunky chain. We're pretty visual, so we thought we should show you how great the tags look on the ball chain also. Remember, we can personalize this to fit your specific needs. We can hand stamp "Nana" or "Grandma" instead of "Mommy." Yeah Spring! And Yeah Mother's Day! What a wonderful way to celebrate the important women in your life!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Hand Stamped Collection

Grow. This is a perfect piece to serve as a daily reminder to grow, strengthen, challenge yourself. We believe personal growth is the root of personal success. We have hand stamped this design on a one inch sterling silver tag and then strung the tag through an 18" ball chain $32

Inspired by Kacey's daughter, this one inch sterling silver tag has been hand stamped and then strung through an 18" sterling silver ball chain. We have also added a hand wrapped pale pink freshwater pearl. $36

{This can be personalized with your own sweet sentiment and choice of freshwater pearl color - cream, pink, or charcoal.}

We love this simple necklace that is a great way to show off an initial of a loved one or your own! A pea sized sterling silver tag is hand stamped with one initial and the adorned with polka dots. Also strung on to this 18" fashion chain is a clear glass bead. $22
{Additional pea sized tags are available. Contact us if you would like to add pea sized tags.}

The Mommy Necklace. The larger one inch sterling silver tag is hand stamped with "Mommy" and the second tag (3/4") is hand stamped with initials for up to three children. The double tags are attached to an 18" chunky fashion chain. What a great way to keep your little ones close to your heart! $42

{Also available on 18" sterling silver ball chain}

Inspire. This is a beautiful double strand necklace connected by a filigree clasp. The first strand measures approx. 17" and has a hand wrapped lavender milk glass bead pendant. The second strand measures approx. 18" and supports the one inch sterling silver tag that we have hand stamped. $40

Filigree Clasp

Our Beaded Collection

Free hand wrapped Lavender Milk Glass pendant ~ 18" inches $20

Lavender Milk Glass Pendant Close Up

Yellow Jade sterling silver necklace measures 18" inches. Large pendant

measures 1.5" inches flanked by 3/4 inch pendants $36

Yellow Jade Pendant Enlarged View

Double strand necklace with glass beads and filigree clasp

1st chain is approx 17" inches & 2nd chain is approx 18" $22

Double Strand Close Up

Free hand wrapped Turquoise necklace ~ 18 inches $20

Turquoise Close Up

Double strand necklace with glass bead and green milk glass pendant.

1st chain measures 16inches, 2nd chain measures 18inches $26

Double Strand & Green Milk Glass Pendant Close Up

About Us And Our Company

Kiki & Lele is a company created by Kacey Randolph and Leslee Phillips. It is based on the foundation of our mutual love for jewelry, our love and commitment to our families and our commitment to charitable contributions. This is a company that started out with a simple conversation. We are moms, sisters, daughters, friends. We’re just like you. We both have the type of life that we like to describe as “happy chaotic.” We both have toddlers and Kacey has twins as well, need we say more? .

We want to create jewelry that inspires you, because when you are inspired you can do amazing things. When you have a fire of inspiration beneath you, it is contagious. We would be honored if one of our pieces gave you that type of energy, or at the very least, just made you feel really good every time you wear it.

This company is our prized possession and we feel we are creating a legacy for our families. We are proud of the pieces we create and extreme care and love go in to everything we do. We research each piece and part and try to come up with innovative designs. We only purchase or design pieces that we would wear ourselves.

A major component to our company is our commitment to charity. A portion of our annual proceeds will go to benefit our local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Kacey's little ones, Lincoln and Ruby Jane both spent time in the NICU. Lincoln was in the NICU for 14 days while Ruby Jane stayed for 32 days. It was the most difficult experience of Kacey's life. However, the care and comfort she and her family received from the physicians and nurses was unbelievable. Kacey feels that she is forever grateful to them for the care, love and support that her family was given. Because of their care, Kacey and her husband have two healthy, happy babies at home. There are several things we would like to do for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the parents of patients. We will be sure to keep you updated on our plans and progress that we make throughout the year.

In addition to the local charity that is close to our heart, we have also made a commitment to buy products that benefit a charitable cause to incorporate into our designs. Keep a look out for our designs that feature Acholi beads. Refugees living in the Acholi Quarters slum in Uganda make Acholi Beads. As they struggle to rebuild their lives, the sale of Acholi Beads provides a vital income that supports their families. Click here to learn more about their important cause. These designs will be coming soon!

Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to learn about our company and view our collections. We are really excited about the future and products that we have to offer. Thank you for being a part of our experience. We hope you have enjoyed our story…