Monday, March 17, 2008

About Us And Our Company

Kiki & Lele is a company created by Kacey Randolph and Leslee Phillips. It is based on the foundation of our mutual love for jewelry, our love and commitment to our families and our commitment to charitable contributions. This is a company that started out with a simple conversation. We are moms, sisters, daughters, friends. We’re just like you. We both have the type of life that we like to describe as “happy chaotic.” We both have toddlers and Kacey has twins as well, need we say more? .

We want to create jewelry that inspires you, because when you are inspired you can do amazing things. When you have a fire of inspiration beneath you, it is contagious. We would be honored if one of our pieces gave you that type of energy, or at the very least, just made you feel really good every time you wear it.

This company is our prized possession and we feel we are creating a legacy for our families. We are proud of the pieces we create and extreme care and love go in to everything we do. We research each piece and part and try to come up with innovative designs. We only purchase or design pieces that we would wear ourselves.

A major component to our company is our commitment to charity. A portion of our annual proceeds will go to benefit our local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Kacey's little ones, Lincoln and Ruby Jane both spent time in the NICU. Lincoln was in the NICU for 14 days while Ruby Jane stayed for 32 days. It was the most difficult experience of Kacey's life. However, the care and comfort she and her family received from the physicians and nurses was unbelievable. Kacey feels that she is forever grateful to them for the care, love and support that her family was given. Because of their care, Kacey and her husband have two healthy, happy babies at home. There are several things we would like to do for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the parents of patients. We will be sure to keep you updated on our plans and progress that we make throughout the year.

In addition to the local charity that is close to our heart, we have also made a commitment to buy products that benefit a charitable cause to incorporate into our designs. Keep a look out for our designs that feature Acholi beads. Refugees living in the Acholi Quarters slum in Uganda make Acholi Beads. As they struggle to rebuild their lives, the sale of Acholi Beads provides a vital income that supports their families. Click here to learn more about their important cause. These designs will be coming soon!

Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to learn about our company and view our collections. We are really excited about the future and products that we have to offer. Thank you for being a part of our experience. We hope you have enjoyed our story…


Josh said...

I really like your business philosophy. It kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This stuff will set you apart from your competition and allow you two to be more personal with your client base. Props to both of you.

Zaira said...

Hi Ladies,

I just saw some of your beautiful pieces this morning and LOVED them. I will have to tell my husband about a necklace with my girls' names (Maria and Sofia). Congratulations on your work and
God Bless,

Zaira Kime

PatsyNChatta said...

My Daughter Purchased A Necklace At The Bell Buckle TN Craft Fair. She Loves It & So Do I. I Now Am Going To Purchase One For Myself.

Melissa said...

Hi Kacey,
I'm in the POMC with you and am in the marketto get my mom a gift for Christmas. I saw a handstamped necklace on line on anaother site but thought I'd check with you first and see if you have anything like it and if it could be ready for Christmas? It had 2 discs.. one large/1 small with the names stamped going around the edges of it. It also had a mother of pearl bead in it with a 16" ball chain. I thought it woudl be perfect for her for Christmas with her grandkids names on it. Just let me know if you think it's possible to do it and I'll wait to place my order. I'd rather buy local and from a fellow "twin" mommy if I can! Thanks so much!! I look forward to hearing from you!