Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Beaded Collection

Free hand wrapped Lavender Milk Glass pendant ~ 18" inches $20

Lavender Milk Glass Pendant Close Up

Yellow Jade sterling silver necklace measures 18" inches. Large pendant

measures 1.5" inches flanked by 3/4 inch pendants $36

Yellow Jade Pendant Enlarged View

Double strand necklace with glass beads and filigree clasp

1st chain is approx 17" inches & 2nd chain is approx 18" $22

Double Strand Close Up

Free hand wrapped Turquoise necklace ~ 18 inches $20

Turquoise Close Up

Double strand necklace with glass bead and green milk glass pendant.

1st chain measures 16inches, 2nd chain measures 18inches $26

Double Strand & Green Milk Glass Pendant Close Up

1 comment:

Jeff and Nicole said...

LOVE it!!! It looks so good!! I love the double strand glass bead one. They are all so beautiful...I'll definitely be spreading the word...and sometime soon I want to order! So fun! Looks great!