Sunday, November 30, 2008

{A New Chapter}

December 1st will mark a new chapter for Kiki & Lele. This little company was started by Leslee and I for so many reasons that were and are near and dear to our hearts. In the nine months that we have been in business together we have accomplished what we set out to do and in the process learned so much. For that I will forever be grateful.

As of December 1st I will no longer be a part of Kiki & Lele. It was a hard decision for me to make, however, it is the right decision for me and my busy family at this time. I know Leslee will continue with the mission that we set out to do: to create jewelry that makes people feel good and to be able to give back.

K & L has been able to donate to schools in our area this year to help raise money which we are very proud of. This week we are partnering with MckMama to contribute to a really wonderful cause. Leslee will have all of the details for you very soon so stay tuned!

Thank you to all of our {fabulous} customers for all of your support! I really appreciate you helping us be successful this year! Happy Holidays!


K & L Hair Bow Collection

A Girl Named Bleu $7.00

Hello Kitty Small {$5}

Hello Kitty Large {$7}

Felt Flower Clippies {$6} for the pair

Flower Clippies {$6} for the pair

Attitude {$10.00}

Sweet Girl {$6.00}

Prissy Pants {$10.00}

Here it is.... "Ta Da" The much awaited bow/clip collection. These cute hair bows are so fun. They work great for all hair types and can be used alone or with a pony tail. When you place your order, simply send an email with the numbers you would like and the sizes you want. Each clip in the Christmas Collection is limited and will only be available for this Christmas only.

If you have an outfit that you are trying to match a bow to, send me an email with a link to the outfit or a picture of the outfit so I can try my best to match colors... Remember with K & L designs, anything is possible...

Friday, November 28, 2008

{New Stuff.... On The Way + FREE SHIPPING}

{Hair Bows}
We have had several requests lately for some pictures of our hair bows, I will be posting them early next week, along with some new Christmas bows I have been working on. They are super cute, fun to make and I hope you like them... Keep a look out and get them while they are HOT!

If you are looking to make an order, please order through e-mail, ETSY will be down for some TLC! We have not been paying too much attention to the old ETSY shop lately and she really needs some love... So, bear with me and shoot over an e-mail to place your orders...

{NEW Stuff}
Also, I have some super fun stuff coming your way for the month of December.... Keep your eyes peeled, you will not want to miss out...

{FREE Shipping}
The last day for "normal" First Class USPS mail is December 10th! If you order with-in this time frame, your SHIPPING will be FREE!!!!! Free is so wonderful....

Well, I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday, I know I did... I am finally down from my tryptophan high and I am functioning like a normal human being... See you next week for some fun stuff...

Much Love & Holiday Wishes...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Out The Door....

I know you can forgive me for my poor photography skills... It was cold out side today and light at the front door was limited....

This one is a special story that touched my heart... I cannot tell you because I feel like I would be exploiting one fellow Mom's Story... Just know, it is a special bracelet for a special Mom...

This is the first time we have offered a ball chain bracelet. It is dainty, and fun... With three charms, it has a nice little jingle to it when it is on your arm...

{$33.oo} 7" long, this is the only length we can get

This was another "custom" order. It took about 1.5 weeks back and forth on the e-mail, but it was so worth it... This is the first piece we have made with a bar shape... I totally love it... The font style on these charms is the smallest one we offer...

{$42.00} Includes 3 charms and one pearl... E-mail us if you are interested in adding or taking away charms for a price adjustment.

Have a great weekend...


You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry....

You better not pout, I'm tellin' you why..........

Santa Clause is coming to town......

If you are not convinced that this cute little guy is one of Santa's Helpers, I don't know what would make you believe....

FYI- Just a reminder that December 10th is your last day to order for Christmas to Guarantee your gift on-time.... You can order after that , but you will have to pay rush shipping...


Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Feature

Click on the button above and hop on over to "The Gift Closet" and check out our feature....

If you are new to K&L, we would love for you to leave a comment so we can get to know you better....


Thursday, November 20, 2008

{Oh Martha, You Make Me Happy}

This is my next project I am working on.... A "No Sew" scarf...

I will be back with more this weekend and hopefully a finished product to show off....
What are your plans for this weekend????

Monday, November 17, 2008

One. Fun. Weekend.

{eye candy}

{eye candy}

{eye candy}

When we were at Holly Days Market this weekend, we had the sweetest vendor next door to us. Her name is Lora and she is most definitely adorable. Even more adorable her husband helps her out with her booth. They are the complete package. She had so much energy and spunk. Well, you ask??? What does she make???

She makes the most adorable hand made aprons and she even makes a Manpron for the man in your kitchen- not all women cook. She is skilled, smart and funny! I hope we get placed next to her next year.

Go on over to her blog and check out her ETSY shop. You had better order fast if you are wanting a Christmas present, she is already covered up with business. I am sure it take several hours do what she does..... She turns fabric into apron magic...

.:Kiki & Lele:.

If you are new and you came to visit us from Holly Days Market. We are so glad that you are here. I added some old stuff to this post to update everyone new coming around to see us.

If you want to look at our line through this web-site, look to your right at the side bar. Almost at the top is {2 links}. If you click on "necklaces" you will see some of the necklaces we have designed so far. If you click on bracelets, you will be able to see the bracelets.


Some people are not familiar with ETSY. ETSY is a wonderful website that you can find all things hand-made... Kind of like e-bay, but waaaaay more fabulous and the prices are set! There is a link for that shop as well on the side bar.


As always if you see something that you love and you feel like you would like to tweak it or give it your own personal touch, just e-mail us at We love a challenge, that is one of the best parts of making personalized jewelry. There is always a challenge in store. When you get *SuPeR CrEaTiVe* that makes us get very excited!

I hope ya'll have a fab-u-lous day! We will be back with more later this week to show off to you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holly Day Marketplace

If you are local, come out and support your community! Shopping local is one of the best ways to do this.... Plus, it is going to be a fabulous time... The gals of the Junior League never disappoint.

{Who Are You} We had a major influx of hits on our sweet little blog yesterday.... If you are still sticking around to see what we are all about, would you mind leaving us a little comment so we can get to know you better....

{Look Out Below} Keep scrolling down, we have some fabulous new pieces for your liking...

{Craft To My Lou}

As Leslee mentioned, we have had to get our craft on lately for the upcoming Holly Market event. We are excited to be able to do something a little bit different for us. Both Leslee and I like to be crafty and creative and it is great to have a reason to do something different. Holly Market has let us do that and we are so excited about this weekend.

We wanted to share with you some of the little bows and clips we came up with. I'm a dangerous woman with a glue gun. Leslee is much more pulled together with her skills with the glue gun. I've practically glued everything to my desk on accident. Oh well - we have a cute end product and that is what is important!

We are selling individual bows/clips for $3 or two for $5. If you're interested in these, just send us an email. They are limited and one of a kind!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We've Been Busy!

We are getting ready for Holly Market which is a local Craft Christmas Market! We are so excited to be a part of the fun event! It is always fun to get your name out locally! We are so excited that we even made a few extra crafty things that we think will make great gifts...

Nestie Bracelets in brown... These are adorable and they are a BIG seller...

Nestie Bracelets in black... "How many eggs are in your nest, Mama bird?"

This was a recent custom order. Sorry that the quality of the picture is HORRIBLE. You get the idea... It is for a grandmother and is says, "Precious Angles" and there are 6 hand wrapped creme pearls hanging from it. This is definitely our most unique piece so far. We hope she loves it!

This is where we get crafty... I love making these buckets, I made one for a friends shower gift, the gift went inside and it looked adorable. I figured that it would look cute with dolls or books in it!

We also made a smaller one that would make a great bow holder.... Speaking of bows, we made some of those too.... We will be posting some of those later in the week...

Crafting and making jewelry is just way to much fun... How did I ever get so lucky?


Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Designs... Feeling Organic...

{My Garden Necklace} $32.00 Up to 4 flowers will fit on the "My Garden Necklace"

{Bloom Where You Are Planted} $28.00

{Little Birdy} $26.00

Featured Design For November


Sunday, November 2, 2008

{New Stuff}

This has been such a very busy weekend, but so productive... I have some new designs that I am dying to show you, so here goes! I hope you like...

{Family Tree} $42.00
This necklace is adorable. The large tag is oval shaped and hammered for texture. It also has polka dots around the edge. Each small tag is hung by a fresh-water hand-wrapped pearl. Mine symbolizes my family, a large "P" for our last name and small first initials for each first name. The more you have the more adorable it looks... This necklace is a very "Charmie" piece and would look good with any outfit!

Just one more for the books!

This happened on accident. I am waiting on a piece to complete an order, so I hung all of the pearls together on a chunky chain and I must say, "I might have to have one for myself..." I really love it. Very simple, but very FUN!

This is my most favorite of the weekend. A double strand, cable chain with a toggle clasp and lots of fun beads to accentuate... Who would not love this?

Here it is with out all of the charms hanging on it...

Have a fun week. We will try and get in from time-to-time to share some stuff about Kacey (Kiki) & Leslee (Lele)... Check back with us and see what has been going on in our crazy lives lately!