Sunday, November 2, 2008

{New Stuff}

This has been such a very busy weekend, but so productive... I have some new designs that I am dying to show you, so here goes! I hope you like...

{Family Tree} $42.00
This necklace is adorable. The large tag is oval shaped and hammered for texture. It also has polka dots around the edge. Each small tag is hung by a fresh-water hand-wrapped pearl. Mine symbolizes my family, a large "P" for our last name and small first initials for each first name. The more you have the more adorable it looks... This necklace is a very "Charmie" piece and would look good with any outfit!

Just one more for the books!

This happened on accident. I am waiting on a piece to complete an order, so I hung all of the pearls together on a chunky chain and I must say, "I might have to have one for myself..." I really love it. Very simple, but very FUN!

This is my most favorite of the weekend. A double strand, cable chain with a toggle clasp and lots of fun beads to accentuate... Who would not love this?

Here it is with out all of the charms hanging on it...

Have a fun week. We will try and get in from time-to-time to share some stuff about Kacey (Kiki) & Leslee (Lele)... Check back with us and see what has been going on in our crazy lives lately!


angie said...

I'm loving the necklace but not sure if I can afford one for my family. How much would it be for a L with 5 small initials?

Shannon said...

I LOVE the family tree necklace!!! I totally must order one for hubby to give me for Christmas. Should I e-mail you??? I live in Canada . . .