Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{Prissy Pants}

I am still having fun making hair bows... I love picking out ribbon and putting them together... If you are interested, contact me via e-mail. If you would like a custom bow, I will need specific colors...

Prissy Pants {10.00}
*pastel pink satin, organza ribbon and flower (attached with a brad, so it will not pop off)

Sweet Girl {flower added} {$7.00}

Sweet Girl {$6.00}
*pastel pink, organza, and "so sweet" ribbon

Attitude {$10.00}

*Hot pink satin, leopard gross grain and 3 layered flowers with a jeweled brad

Attitude {$10.00}
*navy and hot pink, fabric flower and jeweled brad (attaches flower)

Janie {$8.00}
*3 layers of red gross grain bows.

A Girl Named Bleu {$8.00}
* Navy Gross grain, turquoise pom pom strand.

Whimsey {$6.00}

*Hot Pink Satin, Pastel pink satin, Pastel organza and chanel with an alligator clip

The larger bows are on {french clips} which can handle a heavier bow. If you would like the alligator clip, let me know in your email, I will have to make the bow a bit smaller.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Stopping In...

I am headed back out of town tonight, so I thought I would stop in and show you what I've been working on. I hope you enjoy.

Very Dainty... {$24} 16" chain with a pea sized tag monogrammed with 3 letters, it could also fit a 4 letter word, "love." Paired with a hand wrapped smokey-colored bead {optional}
Yes, I made something for myself... I used a large creme pearl and I must say I love how it turned out... {$34}

Said with Love... {$32} Ok, so I made another... Haha... I am in love with these new hearts that I just got in, they are way too much fun. I actually did 2 of these necklaces for a friends daughters, she wanted to get them something fun but age appropriate. I thought this would be just right...

"It's not the journey, It's the destination..." {$62} So, yes, I know this is backwards, I am told it is supposed to say, "It's not the destination, It's the journey..." I like it both ways. If you like this necklace and prefer it the other way I will make it the other way as well. The disc is 1.5 inches strung on a 24" satellite chain... I actually think this might be my most favorite creation....
I am excited to show you what I have been up to after the first of the year, I have been taking some classes to broaden my knowledge for jewelry and also learn some new techniques. I have had a really fun time and I am very excited, so stay tuned...

I hope Christmas was as fabulous for you all as it was for me. I am looking forward to the new year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

{I know you have been waiting}

Ok, so it is not that I haven't made any jewelry lately it is that I have not had time to stop and take pictures before sealing them up and shipping them off. I did not even have the time today, my great friend Angie was kind enough to help me out, Thanks Angie...
Here is my last Christmas order to go out for the season:
{Trio Chunky $42.00, $6.00 extra to add the pearl}
The heart is my new shape, I love it and it looks adorable. I have one more design that I made that I will be posting tomorrow that I used on the heart... Adorable.
{Simply Me Monogrammed Chunky $28, $6 to add the pearl}
These "Chunky Bracelets" were a HUGE hit this season. On my last order I ordered a few extra so I do not feel so stranded next time.... I have 3 available in stock if you do not mind and after Christmas arrival.

{Simply Me Monogrammed Chunky, $28.00, $6 to add the pearl}
Single Initial Monogram

{Grammy & Me $52.00}
Such a favorite, this is the "Mommy Tag" turned "Grandma" tag necklace. I think it turned out nicely, hope you like them Angela!

{$28.00 and $6.00 to add the pearl}
This one wins for the cutest story. Earlier in the month my neighbor's son ordered a necklace for his girlfriend for her birthday, it was so cute. Well, last night when I got home I was checking the mail when the neighbors son and his buddy approached me, I was for sure they were looking for my husband to help them fix their bike or something. That was not the case, his friend wanted to order a necklace for his girlfriend for Christmas. He was so funny while he picked out the shape he wanted and decided what to put on it. It says, "Dp & PP 11.21.2008" I think this is the day they started "going out". Ahhh, sweet young love, to be this excited about making a necklace for your girlfriend is just so cute!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I love Angie's Wordful Wednesday. Head on over and check out the tons of other people that do too....

Holidays = Love

Curt + Leslee = Love
It has been hard to find time for each other this year over the Holidays. We have a crazy schedule as a family and this year I threw a jewelry business into the mix. For some reason, even though I know our schedules are more jammed than ever before, it has made it easier to find those "special moments" to spend together. I am so thankful that this guy is always there to fit in a few snuggles.

If you have an order that you have not received yet, it is shipping in the morning (12/18/2008). As of today I will not be taking any more orders until BLACK FRIDAY! Your orders have been a blessing to my little business and my family!

See you back here on the 26th for some MAJOR deals....

PS- If you give or get a necklace or bracelet for Christmas from Kiki & Lele I would love to have a picture of your gift and its new recipient (even if you bought it for yourself)... I am going to make a post about all of the holiday gifts that were ordered from Kiki & Lele sometime after Christmas.

{If you would like to read more about my life head on over to my personal blog, Phillips 101.}

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

{Get Lucky}

You might get lucky if you head on over to Today's Creative Blog and enter her contest.... She is giving away a piece of Kiki & Lele Jewelry and an Amazon gift card... Sounds fun right?

What are you waiting for??? Hurry. Enter. Win.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

{Last Day}

Today is the last day for:

FREE Shipping

20% of your order to be donated to String Of Pearls Charity

To make and order and be PROMISED that it will make it on time be be put under the Christmas Tree....

{I will be back tomorrow with a total that will be donated to String Of Pearls}

Monday, December 8, 2008

{2 More Days}

Wow, I can hardly believe it.... Only {2} more days to order to make sure your gift(s) makes it on time.... If you have to wait until the end of the week, that is fine, but I cannot promise your gift(s) will make it under the tree.... So, if you are ordering for Grandma or Aunt Sara, you had better get a move on it...

Christmas orders have had me busy, running here and there, I feel like one of Santa's Elf's! Heck, I practically am and elf!
I just sit up in my little workshop {office} for hours every night making Christmas Wishes come true!

Are these on your list??? If so, shoot me over and e-mail and I will get to work....


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry SITSmas!

Today starts Merry SITSmas on the SITS girls blog. If you are not a SITSta, go on over and check it out. The GRAND Prize for Merry SITSmas is a $200 TARGET gift card and you can score an extra 10 entries just by making a post.
Kiki & Lele are participating in Merry SITSmas, keep your eyes peeled and make sure to enter to win... I will not say anymore, I would hate to ruin the surprise...
GO.... you are waisting valuable time, there is a TARGET gift card at stakes here, for crying out loud!!!! Madness I tell you, pure madness!
Oooh, wait, don't go just yet, leave me a comment to tell me which K&L piece you like the best! I would love to hear from you!!!!
Adios- get going....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome MckMama Fans

I thought with all of the new visitors we will be having this Christmas Shopping Season that I might post some of my K & L favorites... You can always go HERE to view the necklace collection and HERE to view the bracelet collection and HERE to view the hair clip collection.

Welcome String of Pearls Supporters coming from MckMamas blog. I am so pleased that you are here and I hope you love what we have to offer. Remember, 20% of what your purchase from December 1st through December 10th will be donated in Stellans name to String of Pearls to help families who need hope, love and comfort. I could not think of a better gift. Just think, by purchasing one of our pieces, you are giving hope & comfort to a family during one of the most devastating times that any family could ever go through.

When making your purchase insert the code "Stellan" into the subject line of your email so that the 20% goes to String Of Pearls.

HERE is the background on String of Pearls and HERE is the String Of Pearls site.


Here are just a few of my favorites....







On the sidebar is links to all 3 of our collections.

All gifts purchased by December 10th will have FREE shipping.... FREE!