Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy Birds in Our Nests

We have been Busy Birds around here! Family visits, work, designing new pieces - Oooh we're so close to introducing them to you! We have some new inspirational phrases with fun textures, new bracelets...we're just waiting on a few things to make our finishing touches. We really can't wait to show them off to you but you kow we have to have them just right!

While we have the new designs under wraps, we also have our husbands working on our "Honey Do" lists which involves customizing our individual work spaces. I am so excited about this! I hope to have my work space finished by tomorrow so I promise to take pictures and show you where all the {magic} happens! I've also been organizing the rest of the house - my kitchen cupboards, my closet (oi vey!)...I'm doing a little at a time. I thought I would share one of my "have to have" items to stay organized. It's the MomAgenda. They are great for all sorts of planning and they have a ton of space for party planning, gift ideas, fashion. I love it! And don't worry, if you're not a Mama, they have fabulous agendas in general with all of the same great stuff minus all of the lists for the kiddos. Check them out when you get a chance & remember the section for gift ideas so you can write down your favorite Kiki & Lele items!

Leslee & I are fighting over who gets the Leopard print this year....I'm sure we will both end up with it.

You know I love lists! LoVe these great ones also by MomAgenda. I found these at See Jane Work; another great place to organize your life.

I NEED this one!

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angie said...

I actually have a pink mom agenda and love it. I really like how the cover is substancial, but has some give as well.