Monday, September 22, 2008

{Thank You}

This book made my day today! I've been working with a customer for a few weeks now trying to perfect a design for her family piece. We were able to arrive at a decision and I was able to make the piece for her before she and her daughters left for Spain. I have a certain affinity for Spain. It is a beautiful country with lovely people and food. I only spent a week there as a teenager but had a close friend from Spain who will always be dear to my heart. When our customer arrived to pick up her piece she brought me this book full of gorgeous Spanish & Mediterranean recipes. It made my day! THANK YOU!
As we mentioned before, Lele flew solo this weekend working the Friends of the Greenway event while I threw a party for my Lincoln & Ruby Jane who turned ONE! We were overwhelmed with the wonderful response to our jewelry. Lele, along with her fabulous Mother & sister, were able to get the word out about our line and we loved participating in and supporting a local event! Thank you for all of your wonderful support Murfreesboro!

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Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I am dying for some Paella. I used to live in Ecuador and we ate it all the time there. I would love to go to Spain and have the real stuff. I absolutely LOVE IT!