Thursday, September 18, 2008

Simple. Lovely. Elegant.

To be honest with you, I have a bit of blogger block tonight. I keep thinking of things to post for our wonderful readers and I have deleted 3 posts already because they just were not right. So, this is what I have tonight.

These ear rings are one of my most favorite K&L pieces. They are so classy and I wear my pair almost all of the time. Mine are cream, but we also offer them in charcoal and pink. They are strung on sterling silver wire and hand wrapped. The hooks are also sterling. For you gals who are sensitive, we offer hypo-allergenic hooks as well...

Buy a pair today, just e-mail and we can get you a pair out in the mail. We have about 6 pair in stock currently, so there is no 2 week waiting period.

The price is normally $18.00, but if you buy a pair this week, the price is $12.00.

How can you resist? Sale ends on Thursday, September 25th.... Hurry!

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