Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I made fun little necklace for my friend Jessica's baby shower. It is our first time officially using making a shape that has a curve to it {dome shaped}. I used the tear drop shape and it says "Emma Grace."

Sorry that the pictures are not better quality. I remembered at the last minute that I had to take pictures of it.... How tacky I am rummaging through the gifts to find my and take a picture of it. If there had not been so many people still around I would have asked her to put it on so I
could get a better picture.... HAHA!


Ashley said...

I am so much in love with your logo with the birds. I see it on blogs all the time and it's so cute. I'm so glad birds are in right now. They are adorable. I love it so much I want to post it on my blog but I told myself that I wouldn't do that in less the other person posted mine. What is a girl to do? (Hint Hint)

Hippo Scraps

joanne said...

Hi Kiki and Lele! I first discovered your blog through my friend Kim at small words. You have some sweet pieces- the domed piece is just adorable! I just realized you are in Murfreesboro, too! Do you participate in the fall festival at MTCS? Thanks for sharing!

sandi vohs said...

Kacey, I love this shape. I can't wait to get mine! Good talking with you. You are amazing!! :)