Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kiki & The Little Bear

I've called Ryder my "Little Bear" almost since birth. Why you ask? Because he is built just like a little bear and always has been - he barely has a neck and is solid as a rock. As you may know I am a happy SAHM to three beautiful dumplings and juggle K & L business in between nap time and bed time. It is very important to me that I take as little time away from my family as possible. I enjoy every second of being a Mom - even those seconds that make you want to pull your hair out. Ha! Ha! Ryder is 2 1/2 and I can't believe everything he learns in the span of one day and where he picks up some of the things he says. Our latest? I thought you'd never ask...
Ryder likes to stand with his hands in his pockets just like a big boy. The other day his Daddy asks "Ryder, what do you have in your pocket?" And Ryder replies - with a VERY serious face and very deep voice "FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!" I mean seriously...where does he get this stuff? I'm so grateful for everything Ryder, Lincoln & Ruby Jane teach me every day. I am truly blessed.
Curious about new Kiki & Lele pieces? We have some new shapes in the works...and I promise - they won't be FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!

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verygoodyear said...

I found you two through SITS (which I just joined today!) and I have to say, your jewelry is awesome. I love the hand-stamped look, I love the various designs, and I am already plotting how to get a necklace for Christmas ;)