Monday, August 18, 2008

Super FUN Weekend

Kiki and Lele set up as vendors at the POMC sale here in Murfreesboro (see below if you missed the details). We had such a great time. We really enjoy getting out into the public and talking about our product. Most of our business is done on-line, so it is a REAL treat when we can meet our customers face-to-face. Kacey and I standing at our table. Do you like the new banner? Kacey found someone to make it on ETSY- oh, how we do love ETSY!
One of the favorites of the weekend was the "Mommy Tag" as always.
Nestie Nestor bracelets were a hit as well. They are so stinking cute with almost anything. The cord allows you to dress down and the pearls and the hand-wrapping allow you to dress up a bit... Options, options.....
Knowledge is Power. I really love this one, if Mason was in school this little baby would have been a great present for the first day... Simple and clean- what teacher would not love it?
We love bracelet's they are chunky and fun- a great addition to any wardrobe.

We had a great time this weekend and we hope that you did too!

*secret* a little birdie told me that {Kiki & Lele} is going to be featured in the most fabulous give-a-way starting next weekend..... Do you really want to know? Hint- this particular blog has some delish recipes... Let us know what your guess is....

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Kim said...

Okay - give me the etsy site that made the banner!!

I hope all went well!! Are you going to do the big Junior League Holly Market this year?? I've got all the info if you need it!