Friday, August 1, 2008

All about {Lele}

I thought I might share some things about myself. I am a 26 year old part-time SAHM. I have a wonderful husband and son. Kacey and I got a wild hair about 10 months ago to start a business... and here we are, learning and laughing together.

Some facts about Lele a.k.a Leslee

  • I share my birthday with: Pat Benetar, Nora Roberts, Rod Stewart, George Foreman, Frank Sinatra Jr.
  • I am obsessed with string cheese. I eat like 3 a day.
  • I have double jointed thumbs.
  • I am obsessed with blogging.
  • I just discovered my love for gardens and I really want to start one in the spring.
  • I have always {secretly} wanted to be famous.
  • I love candles.
  • I talk myself through things - out loud. Some might call that "talking to yourself."
  • I have been working harder at planing things {life in general} out. I feel so much more organized and on top of it.
There you go, I hope you feel just that much more closer to me. Yeah, I am a little quirky, but I am also fun and silly with a little kick... If you want to know more, just go HERE and see what I am up to...


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angie said...

I'm so glad you posted this....I love getting to know those whose blogs I visit! :)