Friday, October 31, 2008

Sneaky, Peaky...

We just completed our first few orders from Bell Buckle... I thought those of you who ordered might like a sneak peak to see what your orders look like... As always, we would love it if you sent us pictures of you wearing your jewelry that you bought... Hint, hint!




Making jewelry is the best job ever. I do not even think of it as a job. I can sit at my desk and loose hours of time to just making jewelry! It is especially fun when it is personalized like we make it... Each piece has a story behind it. Some customers buy them for themselves, some buy them for other people, some are put up for Christmas and Birthdays, some are bought as mementos to remind someone of a great time in life or a great person... I love that Kiki & Lele jewelry means so many different things to {our customers}... It makes it what we do that much more worth it!

Thank you for being our customers...

Just a reminder, Christmas is just around the corner. DECEMBER 10th is going to be your last day to make a purchase to promise to get your gift to you on time!

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