Thursday, October 23, 2008

{Keeping Things Simple}

Our event this weekend was such a hit and between Leslee & I we have several highlights. I thought I would share one of my favorites with you....

Leslee and I were (happily) slammed trying to talk to all of our customers all the while trying to complete orders. In the hustle and bustle of everything I turn around and this sweet little girl was standing with her brother at our table playing with the necklaces. I greeted her and asked if she was having fun. I made some comment about how sparkly everything was in the sun and she agreed not really making eye contact. I kept working for a few seconds and she looks up at me with these huge eyes and says "How much are your necklaces?" And I reply "Well, depending on the piece it varies. The one you're looking at right now is 36." And without missing a beat she tilts her little head to the side and says "is that cents or dollars?" She really made me chuckle and smile and I explained that it was in fact dollars. She skipped away with her brother probably off to find the face painting lady which I am sure was the highlight of their day. Whoever that was did an EXCELLENT job!

At any rate, it was really a highlight of my day talking to her. She reminded me to keep things simple, enjoy the simple pleasures that are offered to me every day and take great pride in those. Don't complicate things. She also reminded me to be sure to clarify...the next time Brian says he "took a 20 out" I better check to make sure if it was .20 cents, $20.00, or even $20,000.00 - okay I'm dreaming but still... Ha! :o)

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