Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Charming...

Here at Kiki & Lele we have a certain obsession with lovlies...which is one of the reasons we started our little business in the first place. But lately...we've been slightly obsessed with bracelets. How many can we wear? How many is too many? I think if we were given the option and it wouldn't be a serious faux paus, we would layer ALL of our bracelets and All of our necklaces. Ha! Ha! We've been quite busy lately and we can't wait to introduce you to our new designs. We also promise to keep our posts up to date. We want to hear from you and we appreciate all of your support via email! Feel free to leave comments here as well.

As we have said before, we love working on custom pieces for our customers. It's been our experience that people LoVe to receive a gift that is made especially for them. And when you let them know that you designed it (with a little help - but you can take the credit), it becomes even more special. Above is a Charm Bracelet that we worked on for one of our most recent customers. We really enjoyed putting this little beauty together. It looks really cool and because we chose not to blacken the letters, is a bit more dressy in our opinion. We've worked on several charm bracelets, but this one takes the cake. It of course helps that this family happens to have some of the coolest names we've worked with so far!

This bracelet can work for several occasions: as a gift for Nana with all of her little ones, a graduation gift with well wishes, or even a keepsake as a way to remember all of your travels... the options are endless. We hope you enjoy!

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